Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are your first line of defense against a fire and should never be taken for granted. Are they properly placed? Are they the right type?  Have they been certified according to the state fire code? We’ll make certain that you have the right extinguishers in the right place. And, that they’re in good working order.

Commercial Kitchen System Service

Restaurant and commercial kitchens are governed by a unique set of safety considerations. Which makes perfect sense, since open flames and high heats are required in this environment. Kitchen hood fire suppression systems or “Ansul Systems,” require a semi-annual service to ensure top performance — and safety — for employees and customers alike. Count on Borem Fire to make sure it is done correctly and in compliance.

Exit and Emergency Lights

Don’t ignore your exit and emergency lights.  This critical safety equipment could prevent injury or a lawsuit and ensure everyone in your building stays safe. Also, to meet the compliance standards specified by OSHA and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Make certain your emergency lighting is always in good working order, and compliant.


Kitchen Hood Cleaning


Contact your Borem Fire representative for an estimate on commercial kitchen hood cleaning. 

Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial Fire Alarms are required for certain types of businesses in Florida By NFPA 72. Fire Alarms monitor your building 24/7/365 via a multitude of sensors- including smoke detectors, manual pull stations, heat detectors, duct detectors, and more. Manual pull stations are on the walls for a person to use in case of fire.
Other sensors are used elsewhere for the system to detect fire without human action. Fire alarm monitoring is the system with which a fire alarm calls the fire trucks automatically.
Call Borem Fire for your Fire Alarm needs


Beverage CO2

Contact your Borem Fire representative for an estimate on commercial commercial beverage CO2.

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